What must be done after a property loss?

Immediate decisions must be made and action taken to stabilize the property; rebuild, replace or relocate; to continue business and maintain clientele; to properly and effectively prepare your insurance claim and document your loss; and to deal with the insurance company. Calling on R.J. Drazner & Associates after a loss is your most effective business decision.


What really is an insurance policy?

An insurance policy is a contract, which has very technical language and complicated procedures which must be followed. The insurance policy must be carefully analyzed by an expert to ensure that no aspect of coverage is overlooked, and that you, the Insured, will receive your maximum entitlements allowed under the policy.


What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a qualified insurance specialist who represents you in dealing with the insurance company. A Public Adjuster will assist you in preparing, filing and adjusting your insurance claims.


Why do we need a Public Adjuster?

Insurance company adjusters are trained professionals who represent the interests of the insurance company which employs them. The insurance companies offer to pay what is due as they see it. That is like allowing an IRS agent to compute your income taxes. Public Adjusters are your exclusive representatives. As a claims expert, the Public Adjuster will obtain a more favorable settlement and recovery for you, the Insured.


Can we handle our own claim?

Sure you can handle your own claim, but a Public Adjuster, who is a claims expert, can do so more competently. Furthermore, the Public Adjuster will assist you in the preparation of lost inventories, determining property values, calculating your business interruption losses, and determining what expenses are compensable if you relocate your business or home. As your Public Adjuster, Richard J. Drazner will relieve you of the many time consuming and difficult matters involved in preparing and filing a claim and will help you to receive a prompt and fair settlement.


Why do we need help in filing our claim?

The policy of insurance requires that a claim and certain documents, such as a Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss be filed in a proper and timely manner. Submission of personal or business records without an expert reviewing such information can have a detrimental result on the Insured's recovery.


A Public Adjuster will prepare and present the claim in a way that fulfills the technicalities that can derail the amateur claim filer. Furthermore, the burden of proof is on the Insured to prove the extent of their losses. A Public Adjuster will ensure that this burden is satisfied thereby maximizing your recovery.


What qualifications do we look for in a Public Adjuster?

The Public Adjuster should be licensed and bonded. Also, you should ascertain if the Public Adjuster has a law degree or other professional credentials; is a member of any trade associations, and has good references.


Richard J. Drazner is a licensed and bonded Public Adjuster in Illinois; Indiana; Michigan; Florida; and other states. Richard J. Drazner is also a licensed Attorney in Illinois and is a member of several bar associations.


Richard J. Drazner is a seasoned professional having consulted and represented Insureds in over 25 states, San Juan, and St Croix, U.S.V.I. Mr. Drazner also serves as an Arbitrator for the Circuit Court of Cook and Lake County Mandatory Arbitration Program, and has been named as an expert witness and Appraiser on several cases. Furthermore, Richard Drazner served as President of the Buffalo Grove Chamber of Commerce, and served as President of the Buffalo Grove Rotary Club. In addition, Richard Drazner is an elected Commissioner of the Buffalo Grove Park District, and serves on the Board of Directors of his Synagogue.


What types of losses does a Public Adjuster handle?

Public Adjusters are retained for the adjustment of insured claims resulting from fire, wind, water, theft, flooding, vandalism and other perils. R. J. Drazner & Associates has represented homeowners, businesses, management companies, financial institutions and other insured entities.


Will the Insurance Company Adjuster object to us employing a Public Adjuster?

The policy of insurance is very complex and the coverages and policy provisions are often very difficult to understand such as co-insurance, actual cash value, business interruption, period of indemnification, or improvements and betterments. Many insurance company representatives actually prefer to work with an experienced Public Adjuster rather than directly with the Insured.


In cases where an insurance adjuster offers objections to hiring a Public Adjuster, or to having your own representative, this should immediately raise a "red flag," and enforce your decision to retain a Public Adjuster. The insurance company adjuster will recognize that they are dealing with an insurance professional and will not be able to dictate" the terms of recovery as they see it. The Insurer has its own adjuster to review your claim, and you are entitled to your own claims expert in order to be in an equal position.


Will retaining a Public Adjuster result in any delay in settling our claim?

On the contrary, a Public Adjuster will serve to expedite your claim. R. J. Drazner & Associates will work closely with you and properly prepare and file your claim to prove the extent of your loss as required under the policy of insurance. The more thoroughly and completely your claim is compiled, documented and prepared, the quicker you can obtain a favorable settlement.


The philosophy of R.J. Drazner & Associates is to handle few engagements at any given time in order to best serve our client's needs and to most effectively and efficiently handle your claim. With R.J. Drazner and Associates, you are not just another file, your claim is our most important task at hand.


What are a Public Adjuster's fees?

The Public Adjuster's compensation is a nominal percentage of the insurance settlement. However, the additional recovery you obtain by using a Public Adjuster will more than make up for the cost of our services. In addition, R.J. Drazner & Associates is providing you with an invaluable service as your claims expert.


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