R. J. Drazner & Associates will prepare, file, present and adjust your claims in order to obtain the most favorable insurance settlement for you.
In doing so, we will perform the following tasks:


Contract Review:

We will thoroughly review and analyze your policy of insurance to make sure that all policy provisions are satisfied, important filing deadlines are met, and that no coverage is overlooked in order to maximize your settlement.


Emergency Stabilization:

We will work with you to ensure that your property is properly stabilized, assist you in relocating if necessary, take measures to continue your business with as little interruption as possible, ensure that all evidence of your loss is properly preserved, and endeavor to secure a cash advancement to assist you.


Document Discovery:

The more thoroughly and completely your claim is documented and prepared, the quicker we will be able to obtain a settlement in your most favorable interests. Therefore, we will compile all complete and necessary documentation in order to prove the full extent of your loss. This will involve obtaining copies of your original or replacement invoices, copies of your historical financial information, and securing estimates to rebuild or replace your property.


Claim Preparation:

After an exhaustive document discovery process, R. J. Drazner & Associates will prepare your claims for each aspect of your afforded insurance coverages. We will ensure that claims are prepared in order to recover all your entitlements under the policy of insurance, which includes your basic property coverages, building and personal property (contents); business interruption loss, rents loss, or additional living expenses; as well as all the extensions of coverages allowed under your policy, which are the most often overlooked areas of potential recovery. We will also prepare the necessary documents required under your insurance policy including a Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss.


Claim Process:

From the onset of our representation throughout the adjustment process, we will handle all correspondence, inquires and communication with the insurance company, thereby alleviating you of this burden, and allowing you to concentrate on rebuilding your business or home.


Claim Presentation:

After we have established the amount of your losses and claims, we will meet with the insurance company's representatives to "check out" your damaged property, review the extent of your losses, and formally present your claims.


Negotiation of Settlement:

R. J. Drazner & Associates will negotiate a final settlement of your claims with the insurance company. We will remain in very close consultation with you throughout the adjustment process to ensure that your expectations have been met. The settlement of your claims will not be accepted without your express approval and satisfaction.

We will make only one promise, that being we will at all times give you our utmost devoted service and loyalty and work tirelessly to effectuate the best possible settlement of your claims.

With R. J. Drazner and Associates, you are not just another file, your claim is our most important task at hand.