My own home suffered damage due to a Christmas tree fire just after the holidays. Everything inside my home was a total loss, including structural damages to the home as well. I left my home that evening with only the cloths on my back.


Having spent many years as a property loss adjuster for the insurance industry, I contacted my insurance carrier and reported the claim. I figuring that with my knowledge of the insurance industry, construction and claim settlement I could handle the claims process myself. Nothing further from the truth could have happened. I explained that even with my experience I was just to personally and emotional spent to deal with the insurance adjuster and the insurance company run around. The claim process became much more efficient and my actual money recovered was substantially more thanks to Rick's efforts.


In hind site I truly wish that I would have contacted Rick Drazner sooner and saved myself considerable distress right from the beginning.


David L. Knoll


I can not express in words our gratitude for all that you have done for us as our Public Adjuster. Without your help we may have lost our home and all our property. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else who had a loss to their home or business.


Your assistance during this process was invaluable, particularly so, that you are an Attorney as well as a Public Adjuster. Your professional guidance, counsel and support got us through this investigation, and our insurance claim was paid.


Our house was a total loss. Allstate Insurance offered us $180,000.00 considerably lower than in would take to repair our home. When all was said and done, we recovered over $500,000.00, as a result of your representation, negotiation and professionalism.


Barry K. Walls


I would like to take this opportunity to endorse and highly recommend the services of R. J. Drazner & Associates as a Public Adjuster. Should tragedy strike your business or home with fire, flood, windstorm or other disaster, R. J. Drazner & Associates will represent you as the owner in handling your insurance claims.


I personally know Rick Drazner, he is an extremely professional public Adjuster as well as an attorney. He is also a community leader as well as an elected public servant. Should you suffer from a loss, I encourage you to engage R. J. Drazner & Associates as your Public Adjuster.


Rick Roman
Signature Room at the 95th
President and Chairman
Illinois Restaurant Association